Most teachers have had an experience that was inspirational: one unforgettable teacher who changed their lives.
They become teachers to pass on that experience. You can too.
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There are many pathways to becoming a teacher, and plenty of web sites for both aspiring and working teachers. Here are some sites we recommend to get you started:

Teach for America
Teacher recruitment program aimed at recruiting a national corps of outstanding and diverse recent college graduates, of all academic majors. The participants commit to two years of teaching in under-served urban and rural public schools.
Recruiting New Teachers
Read about the basics of licensure and learn the differences between licensure, certification, and accreditation. You can also find information about teacher preparation programs and the various pathways to becoming a teacher. Learn about financial aid and other useful resources.
Troops to Teachers
A referral assistance and placement service for military personnel interested in beginning a second career in public education as a teacher.

State Education Agencies
Provides direct links to the Department of Education in each state across the country. Many of the individual state sites contain information about requirements for teacher licensing, certification, and testing requirements.
UK College of Education
A portal for finding certification requirements for the 50 States, with the understanding up front that each State is continually revising its teacher certification/licensure rules and requirements.
National Education Association (NEA)
America's oldest and largest institution committed to advancing the cause of public education. It sponsors activities, workshops, provides faculty and school support, assists in contract bargaining, and connects educational professionals together. For information on State affiliates of the NEA, visit:

LINKS FOR The First Year
If the stories in TEACH inspire you, you can also visit The First Year Be a Teacher page for information about becoming a teacher, how to get certified and get hired. Go to The First Year Resources page for links to agencies and organizations that support teachers.

Council of the Great City Schools
Council of the Great City Colleges
National Commission on Teaching and America's Future
The New Teacher Project
ERIC (Education Resources Information Center)
American Federation of Teachers
American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education

TEACH: inspiration is the greatest teacher. "I want to fight for the opportunities of my students. That's what I want out of teaching." -Andrew
If these stories inspire you, pass it on to friends, students, teachers...
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