In 1999, Director Davis Guggenheim and Producers Julia Schachter and Senain Kheshgi undertook an ambitious project documenting the challenging first year experiences of public school teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Two films were the result: Peabody Award winning documentary The First Year (78 min.) which premiered on PBS (www.pbs.org/firstyear) and TEACH (35 min.), a powerful teacher recruitment tool.

TEACH and The First Year document emotional journeys, raising issues of public education through intimate portrayals of young teachers at the start of their careers. They address the tremendous need for qualified teachers nationwide and aim to inspire a new generation of teachers. Through a license with Creative Commons, TEACH is available online for the first time.

teachers: Andrew, Genevieve, Georgene and Maurice To learn more about the teachers featured in TEACH and THE FIRST YEAR visit: www.pbs.org/firstyear/teachers


" . . . raw, edgy, spare—so beautiful and inspiring. . . " -THE WASHINGTON POST
First Year poster Directed by: Davis Guggenheim
Produced by: Davis Guggenheim and Julia Schachter
Cinematography by: Sandra Chandler/Davis Guggenheim/Jennifer Lane
The First Year Edited by: Jay Cassidy/Peggy Davis/Sam Citron
TEACH Edited by: Greg Finton/Peggy Davis/Sam Citron
Music by: Michael Brook
Associate Producer: Senain Kheshgi
Executive Producer: Jill Murphy

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TEACH: inspiration is the greatest teacher. "I've seen a number of films about new teachers, but TEACH was different...it began to have a cumulative impact that felt like poetry." - David Haselkorn, President, Recruiting New Teachers
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